Bespoke & co-branded software.

Co-branded PPA platform built for your brand and your clients.

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Zeigo DNA is a division of Zeigo that facilitates the design and development of new software to work around the renewable energy requirements of our clients.

This white label PPA platform offering is built for your brand and your clients. From design & user experience to functionality, our team of designers and developers work with you to solve the challenges of contracting renewable energy for your own projects or on behalf of your clients.

1. Research
2. Architectural design & prototyping
3. Bespoke and co-branded solutions
4. Post-sales support

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Bespoke solutions from start to finish.

Zeigo DNA logo

Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, build personas and carry out independent research.

Bespoke and co-branded solutions
Once the prototype has been approved, our tech team will start coding the final product ensuring the highest quality and best communication.

Architectural design & prototyping
Based on the information collected and our strong experience in the industry, our design team will build a prototype that is as close in functionality and design to the end product as possible.

Post-sales support
The annual licence includes support from our award-winning client success team.

Supporting your digital journey.

We supported AES’s ambitions to digitise the PPA market in Brazil by building a bespoke platform. The platform facilitated a way in which buyers and sellers could transact digitally.

Our team coded the platform to AES’s requirements in 6 months.

Much like our work with AES, we can help your transition to renewable energy.

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Laptop with data visualisations resembling the Zeigo platform

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