Zeigo and S&P Global Platts PPA Pricing Report:European power purchase agreement offers drift lower in Q4 2020: Zeigo

Posted 10th February 2021 | 167 words | 1 minutes

Renewable energy platform Zeigo and energy information leader S&P Global Platts have published the latest European trends in Power Purchase Agreement pricing for Q4 2020.

zeigo and s&p platts

Nordics cheapest, Germany dearest

Zeigo’s energy analyst Matthieu Paturet gave S&P Global Platts insight into what has been happening in the market for Q4. Key highlights include:

  • Overall PPA offer prices decreased 2%
  • The Nordics continue to have the cheapest PPA prices with Spain a close second
  • High potential in the German market
  • The UK remained an established corporate PPA market with a potential for aggregation.

“Growing momentum for PPAs and a fragmented corporate demand shows good potential for aggregation in the UK, where smaller consumers could be pooled together to form a large off-taking group for a project,” Paturet said. Aggregation is something that Zeigo has been working on and will be releasing a solution in the near future.

S&P Q4

To read the full Q4 report, click here.

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