Zeigo and S & P Global Platts bring transparency to European PPA pricing with 2020 report series

Posted 22nd July 2020 | 371 words | 2 minutes

Renewable energy platform Zeigo and energy information leaders S & P Global Platts have published two new reports that map the latest European trends in Power Purchase Agreement pricing.

zeigo and s&p platts

Partnership with S & P

As the leading voice and independent provider of information and energy news, S & P Global Platts is well positioned to uncover the latest pricing trends in renewable energy procurement. Paired with Zeigo’s unique data insights, the partnership which began in early 2020, contributes essential price reports on European Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

This data has previously been unavailable but is now an an indispensable tool and champions transparency within the market by sharing the pricing insights that are critical to creating liquidity and long-term efficiency in the sector.

Q1 – UK PPA Auction bids fall to record lows in uncertain times 28 April 2020

The first European PPA Price Report demonstrated that the coronavirus pandemic characterised the first quarter of the year and heavily influenced levels of uncertainty. Data from the Zeigo platform saw Europe-wide offers decline in March and a clear decrease in price across a number of countries for projects registered on the platform in that month.

This study underpinned how Zeigo’s technology is accruing useful insights on how European PPAs are growing in volume and the degree of volatility in forward energy curves. This is subsequently encouraging companies to manage their risks and take advantage of lower prices being offered across the clean energy market.

To read the full Q1 report, click here.

Q2 – European PPA prices stabilise in Q2 on reduced deal activity 21 July 2020

Surveying the second quarter of the year, it is clear the impact of COVID-19 on the overall economy has dampened the appetite for PPAs. Matthieu Paturet, Energy Analyst for Zeigo, notes that PPA prices from developers have remained static as the industry assesses the medium to long term impact of the health crisis. Paturet revealed prices are recovering in wholesale electricity markets as demand begins to rebound across the continent as lockdown restrictions are eased by Governments.

To read the full Q2 investigation including country updates, monthly PPA price trends and where the window of opportunity for the remainder of the year lies, click here.