Zeigo and S&P Global Platts PPA Pricing Report: European PPA offers 'relatively stable' despite rising power prices

Posted 29th April 2021 | 246 words | 2 minutes

Renewable energy platform Zeigo and energy information leader S&P Global Platts have published the latest European trends in Power Purchase Agreement pricing for Q1 2021.


Data from the Zeigo platform has been able to give S&P Global Platts a view into the European market last quarter. Key highlights include:

  • Stable pricing: rising power prices failed to feed through to PPA prices with any consistency.

  • Auction vs PPA: prices obtained in the auction may not be comparable to PPAs due to key differences around credit risk, lower contracted volumes and other financing considerations.

  • German volumes growing: it was forecast to post the second-highest volume of PPAs this year behind Spain.

  • Firmer panel prices: sharp decline in Spanish solar PV PPA prices despite the significant increase in EU Allowance prices underpinning wholesale power prices.

  • Alleviating intermittency: “don’t expect PPA prices to go down in the longer-term", said Megawatt-X Managing Partner, Laurent Segalen.


With regards to market development, the growing potential for aggregation has led Zeigo to develop and launch an aggregated PPA platform. Zeigo is inviting consumers with volume down to 5 GWh/yr to sign up to a waiting list ahead of participation. Click here to join the waiting list.

“This is not just a huge market, it is an opportunity to democratize access to PPAs," Juan Pablo Cerda, founder and CEO of Zeigo, said.

To read the full Q1 2021 report, click here.

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