Zeigo presents aggregation solution to RE100 members alongside DLA Piper and Future Energy Associates, winners of the annual Ecohack hackathon

Posted 11th February 2021 | 323 words | 2 minutes

Zeigo along with the winning team from last year’s annual EcoHack, The Future Energy Associates, and renowned law firm, DLA Piper, presented solutions on solving the challenges of PPA aggregation to the RE100 members.


All parties exposed their solution to aggregation to 80 RE100 members who are looking to benefit from the direct impact on grid decarbonisation which PPAs deliver. Many companies are not able to access the PPA market because their energy consumption is too small, or they have a low credit rating. A solution to this is aggregation which is crucial in democratising the market and will be key in paving the way towards achieving Net Zero for all organisations.

PPA aggregation has been an increasingly popular topic for RE100 members and beyond. The scope of growth is huge for PPA aggregations and it could offer a solution for many organisations who don’t currently have access to the market. However, aggregation comes with many complexities such as the profile of companies in the buying pool, onboarding, credit risk, contractual clauses, execution and timing.

From a deep analysis of the contractual challenges to a dynamic pricing system and secondary market, the webinar allowed key players in the market to discuss possible solutions to the current aggregation blockers. Andreas Gunst, from DLA Piper, gave a legal insight on how standardisation plays a big role in aggregation but there will still have to be room for negotiation, and a balance needs to be found between the two. The winning team of the EcoHack hackathon, Future Energy Associates, presented their solution of pooling buyers, integrating dynamic pricing, and the development of a secondary market. Zeigo concluded the webinar with how aggregation is being integrated into the Zeigo platform and will be a product that will be on offer in the next months.

Click here to watch the full discussion with RE100.

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