Zeigo launches the new edition of its renewable energy magazine Zeitgeist

Posted 20th July 2021 | 145 words | 1 minutes

What are the 5 biggest trends in the European PPA market?

How could energy storage revolutionize Power Purchase Agreements?

What’s the role of renewables in the UK tech sector?

These are some of the questions we asked ourselves when putting together this year’s edition of Zeigo’s renewable energy magazine. Zeitgeist is a company publication dedicated to sparking the conversation around renewable energy. We hope our second annual edition does more than fire up a few ideas!

Thank you to our collaborators and friends over the past year. It’s been a period of great leaps forward for cleantech and the energy transition. That’s why we have focused this issue of Zeitgeist on transparency and aggregation. We break down into some of the trends likely to shape the renewables industry in the future.

Zeitgeist is set to be the essential energy read. Download your free copy here.