Zeigo hosts industry-backed hackathon to overcome obstacles in procuring renewables

Posted 14th October 2020 | 423 words | 2 minutes

The EcoHack® challenge was centred on PPA aggregation with the hope of opening up the market to more players.


On October 9th, Zeigo had the honour of hosting 17 participants, 6 judges, and 4 mentors comprised of energy experts, lawyers, data scientists, engineers, coders, and UX researchers at EcoHack® 2020 – London’s green energy hackathon. In partnership with ScottishPower and DLA Piper, the hackathon challenged 4 teams to find innovative digital solutions to improve accessibility to the renewable energy market.

Faced with the monumental challenge of hacking aggregate PPAs, the goal was to find digital solutions to some of the current blockers of aggregation; grouping of buyers and matching of supply and demand. Participants were given anonymised data about a varied mix of corporates and their operations, to highlight all the different possibilities of aggregation. Solution aimed to resolve at least one of the blockers presented or a specific part of the overall aggregated PPA process.

Ecohack Event

Selecting the winning projects is not a task we take lightly. At Zeigo, we want to set the bar high. That’s why we reached out to leading figures in the energy and tech industry to ask for their advice and support. We’re lucky to have several of these experts volunteer their time on the judging panel including Aleksandra Klassen (The Climate Group), Anthony Day (DLA Piper), Mark Alexander (ScottishPower), Roberto Castiglioni (Ikigai) and leading AI expert Kostas Perifanos. Teams were judged on the quality and innovation of their idea, compelling use of technology, and ability to resolve the aggregation problem.

Exciting and innovative ideas emerged, and all the teams made a novel effort to hack aggregate PPAs. The winning solution was presented by Future Energy Associates. The team and the judges were thoroughly impressed with their creative solution and Zeigo will be showcasing the winning solution to the RE100 members in an online webinar.

“We are thrilled with the level of ideas and innovative prototypes that were presented at EcoHack. Zeigo has ambitions to resolve challenges around aggregate PPAs through our platform and we look forward to exploring more on this topic after the competition.”

– Juan Pablo Cerda, CEO and Founder of Zeigo

A special thank you from the Zeigo team to everyone who participated including our mentors, our judges and especially our sponsors ScottishPower and DLA Piper who have made EcoHack® 2020 possible. With these efforts we are one step closer to a fully renewable future!

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