Zeigo Continues Partnership with BloombergNEF for the Second European Corporate PPA Price Survey

Posted 6th January 2021 | 202 words | 1 minutes

bnef and zeigo

The second instalment of the market participant study aims to reduce the complexity around the topic of the pricing of power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Europe. This aligns with Zeigo belief that price transparency is critical to creating liquidity and efficiency in the market.

The analysis reveals that prices are on the up especially for solar. There is still a strong commitment to decarbonisation targets as offtakers have been less sensitive in price fluctuations due to Covid-19.  This strong corporate commitment has been reflected in the volume of RFPs which have been released across the Zeigo platform and we look to build on that progress this year.  

Zeigo is an online marketplace that connects supply and demand for renewable energy. The platform collects bid pricing taken from registered user activity and uses it to produce indicative trends for renewable energy demand based on the data. There are 100 developers listed on the platform, which provided over 200 anonymised data points for this report.

BNEF will update the survey bi-annually, with the intention of expanding the group of participants and adding more countries as PPA activity in Europe increases.

If you would like to receive a copy of the report, please contact support@zeigo.energy