Zeigo @ Clean + Cool San Francisco

Posted 12th February 2020 | 298 words | 2 minutes

Zeigo was selected amongst 15 clean growth companies to attend the Clean + Cool GBIP mission 2020 to San Francisco.

zeigo in san franciso

We asked JP, CEO & Founder of Zeigo, ten questions about his experience:

italic Why did you choose to apply to Clean+Cool?

It was a great opportunity to help us explore a new market and find investors and partners. Eventually, we want to expand to the US and being backed by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, on this mission helped open a lot of doors.

italic What impact did the mission have on your business goals?

We realised that expanding our horizon and opening up a whole new market is possible. Zeigo is now more focused and more ambitious, ready for the next challenges.

zeigo in san franciso

italic How are Silicon Valley investors different?

They are more open to crazy ideas and generally more open to risk, they have backed some of the most successful companies in the world and understand and see the hidden potential in companies.

italic Buzzword of the CleanTech Forum?

Cleantech is the new Tech

italic What did you notice about the start-up ecosystem in San Francisco?

They are very well prepared, have strong ambition and desire to succeed. Their plans are focused on reaching a huge scale.

italic The best idea that stuck with you?

Using shells and shellfish waste to make a plastic-like material! The Shellworks Group uses seafood waste to reduce plastic waste. 6m from shell waste could make 26bn bioplastic products. Truly compostable and biodegradable.

italic What did you enjoy most about the trip?

zeigo in san franciso

The city itself, the entrepreneurs I went with and the startup buzz in Silicon Valley!

italic The most surprising thing about San Francisco?

Cost of living is crazy! And the Golden Gate Bridge is too long to walk!