Zeigo partners with BloombergNEF in European Corporate PPA Price Survey

Posted 2nd April 2020 | 261 words | 2 minutes

Global renewable energy platform Zeigo has contributed to the latest Bloomberg Corporate PPA Price Survey.

bnef and zeigo

The report seeks to demystify Corporate PPA prices across nine of the key European markets. It uncovers where fair PPA price ranges in Europe lie, and the inputs required to reach them.

The analysis reveals that the range in the market is very wide. Each market has it’s own set of price level considerations such as energy market conditions and the policy environment which dictates the relative appeal of commercial opportunities. With the rise of the virtual ‘Pan European PPA’, choosing the right market will become critical.

bnef zeigo ppa report

Zeigo Founder and CEO, Juan Pablo Cerda comments “We provide access, transparency and intelligence to allow customers to promptly come to grips with the market and build a compelling business case. PPAs can reduce price volatility, generate long term savings and help contribute towards a greener future. At Zeigo, we believe that price transparency is critical to creating liquidity and efficiency in the market.”

Zeigo is an online marketplace that connects supply and demand for renewable energy. The platform collects bid pricing taken from registered user activity and uses it to produce indicative trends for renewable energy demand based on the data. There are 60 developers listed on the platform, which provided over 200 anonymised data points for this report.

BNEF will update the survey bi-annually, with the intention of expanding the group of participants and adding more countries as PPA activity in Europe increases.

If you would like to receive a copy of the report, please contact support@zeigo.energy