Meet Giacinto Patellaro, Zeigo's New PPA Manager

Posted 25th April 2022 | 417 words | 2 minutes

Giacinto Patellaro, the former Head of Energy & Risk of Marks and Spencer has joined Zeigo’s Operations and Delivery team as PPA manager. Gio has more than 15 years of experience in the energy industry. He led the Benelux region at Accenture where he was an Energy consultant and then moved to Marks and Spencers as Head of Energy & Risks for more than 12 years advising on a range of activities including energy hedging & risk management and contract negotiation.

During his role at Marks and Spencer, he was instrumental in developing the first biomethane certificate supply agreement for corporates. He also led advisors across the entire deal continuum, from strategy formulation, to deal origination, and PPA execution, of the largest UK Solar PV single building rooftop installation at the M&S Castle Donington distribution centre.

For corporates looking to engage with an advisor and rely on bespoke recommendations, the PPA Manager will provide on-demand advisory services across all aspects of the PPA journey. This includes:

· Strategic Consultation: helping corporates understand the best PPA preferences for their corporate goals and priorities

· Offers Advisor: guiding corporates in selecting the most advantageous offer, due diligence, and any details to consider based on their business needs

· Term Sheet Negotiation: helping represent the corporate at this stage of the negotiation to allow the corporate to feel confident the best terms have been met

Max Plumptre, Head of Operations & Delivery “We are delighted to have Gio joining the Operations & Delivery team at Zeigo as our PPA Manager. Gio’s wealth of experience within energy risk management and PPA execution will be vital in helping to guide our corporate buyer clients through Zeigo’s digitised end-to-end PPA process.”

Gio Patellaro, PPA Manager, “I am delighted to have joined Zeigo at Schneider Electric to help organisations source renewable energy through Power Purchasing Agreements. Looking forward to building on the Zeigo success and ambition!”

Gio’s passion for helping organisations to embrace and source renewable energy through PPAs aligns strongly with Zeigo’s missing of accelerating the renewable energy transition. We are delighted to have him join the Zeigo team and he will bring a wide range of expertise and as well valuable know-how to help our clients along their PPA journey.

Earlier this year Zeigo was acquired by Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management, automation, and sustainability. The acquisition will complement Schneider Electric’s portfolio of clean energy services and solutions and advance the company’s digital energy transformation ambitions.