In Conversation with Andreas Gunst, Partner at DLA Piper

Posted 14th December 2020 | 150 words | 1 minutes

A Legal Insight into Aggregated PPAs

Zeigo’s CEO Juan Pablo Cerda spoke to Andreas Gunst, Partner at DLA Piper, about the importance of the work Zeigo and DLA Piper are doing together in digitising the contractual process for PPAs and paving the way for aggregation. This amazing work will allow the structuring of a larger number of PPAs as well as enabling smaller volume PPAs to be concluded cost effectively.

Zeigo was pleased to have DLA Piper onboard as a sponsor for EcoHack, the renewable energy hackathon that aims to democratise PPAs for smaller players. The event was a huge success comprised of energy experts, lawyers, data scientists, engineers, coders, and UX researchers arriving at an innovative solution which will be presented to RE100 members in February 2021.

Check out the video above for an in-depth discussion on aggregated PPAs!

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