#100to100k: Taking On The Mission

Posted 22nd July 2019 | 490 words | 3 minutes

Corporate energy buyers and renewable energy developers met in Amsterdam for RE-source; the annual event that brings together a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy investors, buyers and suppliers for corporate renewable energy sourcing.

REsrouce 2019

Over 800 delegates attended the event, a clear indication of the increase in demand and supply. Technology prices for wind and solar energy generation are rapidly declining and corporate renewable power purchase agreements have become increasingly popular in the last few years, as companies seek to source renewable energy with the additionality factor.

RE-source emerged from the collaboration of Solar Power Europe, Wind Europe, The Climate Group, CDP and WBCSD and successfully connected buyers and sellers of clean energy, over the two-day event. The goal was for these decision makers, including the 150 RE100 companies, to unlock the potential for new and promising financing streams for renewable energy.

But what happens next? Almost 100 organisations led by major corporates signed their willingness to do more on climate action at RE-source 2018 but the challenge lies in how they will implement these into actionable steps, overcome risk challenges, find appropriate projects, understand the corporate PPA market, and connect with one another. How can we support and help increase the commitment from 100 companies to 100 000?

An online community providing easy access to clean energy projects?

The team at Zeigo are one step ahead of this challenge. They been working tirelessly over the past couple of months in preparation for the launch of a new digital portal. One in which buyers and suppliers for corporate renewable energy sourcing can connect.

“In an ideal world we want both energy buyers and developers in one room, connecting, communicating, engaging, solving issues like term and risk and making new renewable energy projects happen, but often that is not always possible.” Founder & CEO of RE-search, Juan Pablo Cerda.

Luckily for us, we live in the digital age where business and connections don’t always require face to face interactions. A platform like RE-search can facilitate the engagement of energy buyers, developers, experts and advisors on a global scale.

Co-founder Paul Hill added “We have built an online community where corporates can search the global marketplace for renewable energy opportunities, and developers have a platform to market their projects. This will open up international markets for renewables, educate stakeholders, democratise opportunities, become a central hub of information on clean energy, and provide connections between energy buyers and sellers.”

Zeigo is not just a project marketplace, it also provides a number of additional tools to help increase the uptake of renewables; Corporates can compare projects against forward energy curves to build an initial business case, they can issue formal tenders to the developer network with a click of a button, and also have exclusive access to data on current market trends.

You can find more information on the upcoming release at zeigo.energy.

Get ready for the digital revolution in clean energy sourcing!